Experiencing discomfort during pregnancy is common. In fact, studies show that more than 75% of women suffer from pregnancy-related pain in their lower back and pelvis. As the pregnancy advances, the discomfort typically increases. In an effort to seek relief, some women turn to chiropractic care as a drug-free alternative to manage musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy. But is it safe to receive treatment if you are expecting? As you consider what medical care to obtain for your pain, it’s important to understand how chiropractors can help pregnant women.


It should give you peace of mind knowing that a licensed chiropractor will have years of training and study behind him or her. No matter what pain you’re experiencing in the head, neck or back, you can find a qualified, skilled chiropractor to carefully administer treatment and keep you and your unborn baby safe. If you’re expecting, look for a chiropractor who has treated other pregnant women before because that practitioner will know what treatments will be right for your condition. The chiropractor will use gentler pressure and force, and may even use cushions or a table especially designed to work on pregnant patients.

You’re Not Alone

It may surprise you to find out that many pregnant women seek chiropractic care to help with their health challenges. Chiropractors are becoming an increasingly more popular choice for expecting patients to relieve stress, improve posture, boost the immune system and sleep better – all without surgery or medication, which can put an unborn baby at risk.

Can Provide the Help You Need

During pregnancy, your body experiences a host of changes. These don’t only include hormonal changes but also those with bones and joints. Chiropractors can address changes with your pelvis, in particular, and help properly align it. During pregnancy, it’s also common for women to experience increased curving of the back. A competent chiropractor can also administer techniques to address this condition as well.

Safe Intervention

Doctors overwhelmingly agree that there is nothing to suggest that chiropractic treatment is dangerous for pregnant women. It’s important to weigh the benefits and risks of these visits and to share your medical history and concerns with the chiropractor. However, there are no reasons you should feel unsafe under this professional’s watchful eye.

During your pregnancy, visit a chiropractor for help overcoming your pains. You shouldn’t have to suffer from excessive discomfort during this most important nine months of your life.


Source: Physical Therapy Baltimore, MD, Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic