While many aspects of men’s and women’s health are similar, there are many aspects of health, healthcare and health problems that are specific to men. All men are different but many men are negatively affected by similar overarching tendencies compared to women. Some of these are that men are more likely to:

– Smoke

– Drink alcohol

– Make unhealthy choices

– Make risky choices

– Put off or do not go at all to regular health checkups

– Put off seeking or do not seek medical care at all for health problems and/or injuries 

It is important for men to take a proactive role in understanding and taking care of their own health. This includes being educated about issues and problems that affect men specifically, such as low testosterone and prostate cancer, as well as getting regular checkups and screenings. Many health problems that are known to affect predominantly men, such as heart disease and colon cancer, can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis

Taking Charge of Your Health

It is important to see a doctor for regular checkups even when you feel healthy. There are diseases and health conditions that do not have symptoms that can be detected 

and treated in the hopes of preventing them from becoming serious health issues. Going to a doctor on a regular basis is good so that you have a comprehensive medical history built up over time that future doctors will be able to reference as your health needs change with age. As well, the more regularly you see a doctor, the more likely it is for you to be more informed and educated about health issues that affect you, as well as ones that may affect you in the future. It is important to know what you can do now, to hopefully prevent them from becoming issues in the future. 

Some basic things that are helpful to promoting and maintaining your health include:

Eat Healthy

This means not only cutting out on foods that are high in some fats, sugar, sodium, chemicals, preservatives, etc.- but also increasing your intake of nutrient-rich, less processed foods such as lean meats, plant proteins such as legumes and beans, vegetables, fruits, ancient and other whole grains, etc.

Be Active 

Get and be active in physical activities outside of what you do for work. Exercise can improve both a person’s physical and mental health.

Alcohol in Moderation

Or not at all. If you drink, drink only in moderation. Ask a doctor for guidance on this.

Don’t Smoke 

Quit smoking if you do. This is usually a difficult and daunting task but there are many different ways to get help doing this. Some are even paid for by health insurance.

Be Educated

Be educated and know your family’s history

Screening Tests

Get regular screening tests, especially for health issues that run in your family.

Preventative Treatments and Shots

Be sure to be up to date on your shots. Do preventative treatments that are available to you if your doctor or other healthcare provider recommends them. 

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