5 Safety FAQs About Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic adjustments are popular with adults who suffer from back pain, nerve damage and slipped discs in the spinal column. Many have benefitted from visits to their chiropractor; however, some parents are now taking their children in for these treatments to address issues such as headaches and chronic ear infections. If you are considering this type of care for your child, there are a few questions you may want to ask to ensure his or her safety.

1. Are Adjustments the Same as for Adults? 

Chiropractic adjustments for children are not likely to be identical to the treatments given to adults. Because a child’s body is still in development, the spine and nerves must be handled gently and certain rotations are likely to be avoided. You can ask your chiropractor about the nature of the adjustments before he or she begins treatment.

2. How Severe Are the Risks? 

Most risks for children who undergo chiropractic care usually stem from provider inexperience. For example, most chiropractors who treat adults are not familiar with spinal treatments for young patients and may therefore perform adjustments that could cause damage in a child. If you want to reduce this risk, consider contacting a chiropractor that specializes in treating infants, toddlers and young people under the age of 18.

3. Is It Safe for a Chiropractor To Treat My Child’s Back Injury? 

If your son or daughter was injured while playing sports, was involved in a car accident or had a bad fall that affected their spine, you may be considering chiropractic treatment. This avenue may be beneficial, as adjustments and continued monitoring of any malformations could reduce lingering pain and discomfort. As your child continues to grow, chiropractic treatment may prevent chronic back issues by keeping the spine aligned and healthy.

4. Can Infants Be Treated? 

Many parents take their infants to a chiropractor to address problems such as colic and sleeplessness. Because a baby’s spine is delicate and constantly growing it must be handled with extreme care, so it is wise to seek out a clinic that specializes in chiropractic care for infants. You may want to review a treatment plan with your child’s chiropractor in detail before you allow treatment to begin, as this can help put you at ease and reduce any anxiety you may feel.

5. How Do I Make the Best Health Choice for my Child? 

If you benefit from chiropractic care and want your child to do so as well, it is a good idea to talk to your chiropractor at length about treatment. Because every child is different, an individual assessment will likely be necessary to ensure you are making the best choice possible for the safety and well-being of your child.

Children of all ages may benefit from chiropractic care. Contact a chiropractor today for a consultation.