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Obesity and Prostate Health

Over the past 40 years, the rate of obesity has been exploding in the United  States. A massive 65% of adults in the US were classified as overweight or  obese, with a body mass index over the accepted normal of 25. More disturbing is  the 31% of children who are classified as overweight or obese. Since 40% of  Americans do not exercise regularly, there seems to be little hope of this  changing in the near future. This dangerous combination of increased food  consumption and decreased physical activity has taken a tragic toll on Americans  and has resulted in increased rates of a multitude of diseases, particularly  diabetes. It is literally a major health crisis looming over America, adding to  an already stained healthcare system. Obesity is also bloating healthcare cost,  making healthcare in the US among the most expensive in the world.

Although research has yet to identify the link between obesity and the  increased chance of developing prostate cancer remains unclear; there is little  question that obesity does have negative effect on disease outcomes. Studies  have shown that prostate-specific antigen test results in obese men can be  considerable lower despite the presence of disease, leading to delayed diagnosis  and treatment; recovery from surgery tends to be longer for the obese, and the  risk of death from prostate cancer can be much higher.

Whatever nutritional approaches the individual chooses for prostate health,  weight management is a must for an overall strategy. Increasing the intake of  fresh vegetables can be beneficial, as long as they’re not swimming in high-fat  dressings, oils, or sauces. Nuts can be an excellent source of some key  nutrients, but they can also be very high in calories and fat. Knowing what to  eat is a start, the real step in incorporating good nutrition into your  lifestyle.

In addition, exercise is essential for effective weight management, it’s  important to exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day and at least 3 days  each week. Exercise not only helps burn off extra calories, but help keep the  individual flexible and help maintain muscle strength and endurance. Walking,  jogging, leisure activities, amateur sports, can be effective types of exercise.  The key is to stay active and stay off the couch. Many American’s face an uphill  challenge to regain control of their health and weight. Taking care of the  prostate requires taking care of yourself.




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