Nicocure Electronic Cigarette

Nicocure Electronic Cigarette

Nicocure Electronic Cigarette


Looks, Tastes & Smokes Like a Real Cigarette!


The #1 Electronic Cigarette

• NO Harmful Tar
• NO Toxic Chemicals
• NO Yellow Teeth
• NO Smokers Cough
• NO Bad Breath
• NO Smelly Clothes


SMOKE ANYWHERE! You Only Exhale Water Vapor!


Your NICOCURE ECIGS Starter Kit Includes!

• 5 Tobacco Flavored Cartomizers
• Newest ECIGS Technology = 400 Puffs Each!
• 1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• 1 USB Charger (can be use in pc or laptop)
• Durable Storage Case
• Wall Charger
• Lifetime Warranty


Nicocure Starter Kit


• No smoke or ash associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes
• Smoke virtually anywhere
• Save tons of money
• Still get the nicotine you crave



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