Can a Foreskin be Restored to a Circumcised Penis?

Dr. Harold Reed
By Dr. Harold Reed

Can a Foreskin be Restored to a Circumcised Penis?

Circumcision is a procedure that is most frequently conducted when the patient is a baby, before he is old enough to make the decision for himself.  While many men are comfortable with the decision that has been made for them, others would prefer to have their foreskin restored. This can involve surgery or alternative procedures.

Many patients, as an alternative to surgery, may elect to use stretching devices under urological supervision which could produce an acceptable result in 2 to 3 years.

If you have had an overly tight circumcision or short flaccid penile shaft skin length, there is a possibility of still inadequate skin to cover.

Think this way, if the length of your head (glans) is 1.25 inches, you will need double that amount of shaft skin length to cover (inside and outside) plus another 1/4 inch for turn around, just to be sure it is adequately covered.  Or total in this situation 2 3/4″ of flaccid shaft skin length.  If you do not have that much shaft skin length available when flaccid, the operation will not be completely successful.

Also, please be advised as the medical illustration on our website suggests (, there will be some scrotal shrinkage as a portion is used to re-surface the penis. This may result in some loss of testicle dependency.

There are well illustrated techniques for creating the ring like look, but not advisable to make the ring so tight you cannot retract your foreskin for daily hygiene.  Additionally I would opt to do that as an independent procedure once you have completely healed.

Spironolactone, a testosterone blocker, may be recommended to reduce erections during wound healing.


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